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  1. Feature Topic: Junior launches, and creates a new way for university students to make and save money. Unitiques is always free, and is the safest, smartest way for college students to buy and sell online.

    Hi Rachel- Can I start off by telling you I am a huge fan!? I started a site that I am sure your readers will be excited to know about and will be very useful to them.
    Before I begin, I saw you were featured on Her Campus. I have done extensive work with this organization and they are HUGE supporters of the Unitiques brand (see below!). ALSO, Northeastern is one of the first schools that Unitiques has launched at!

    My name is Alexandra Shadrow and I am a junior studying PR at Boston University. This semester, I am taking off from school to grow the company I just launched, Unitiques began as a BU Facebook Group called “BUtique” for the women of BU to safely buy and sell clothing and other items from one another, free of risk and free of charge.
    The group quickly grew to 1,800 members with more and more posts each day. I was hoping you could feature Unitiques on your blog, or help get the word out about Unitiques.

    I realized I had found a need of all college students, both men and women, so I created a site for ALL colleges and all students: On Unitiques, students can buy and sell clothing, furniture, utensils, appliances, athletic gear, and much more for free (I don’t take a profit) from students just within their school (unless they chose otherwise). There is a social media element, with a Facebook connect, live chat, and much more.

    The site is constantly gaining new features. Soon, there will be a way to trade goods, and to sell tickets to student run events (like Eventbrite but much more interactive) through the Unitiques site. Additionally, there will be an apartment and roommate search. The soonest-to-come will be a free mobile application.

    I was hoping you might be interested in covering the launch of this brand. It has already been featured in several local publications:
    Her Campus:
    Her Campus Unitiques Launch party:
    The Buzz BU:
    The Daily Free Press:

    If you have any questions or would like any more information. Please do not hesitate to contact me, Alex Shadrow (CEO of Unitiques) via email or cell phone (818-447-1743).

    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    follow unitiques on Instagram

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