I’m an HCBN member!

My alma mater Her Campus has created a Bloggers Network, and I’ve officially been accepted! I am so proud and excited to have their badge on my site and to be partnering with them for the chance to write about any awesome travel-related events, products, and/or opportunities!

BloggerNetworkLogoFor those of you who haven’t heard of Her Campus yet, they are an amazing website written completely for, and by, young women in college. I wrote for the main, national site and I headed up the Northeastern University branch, which is a page hosted by Her Campus, but all of the content on that branch page is created by student staff writers at each university.

The site was founded by 3 Harvard alum — Stephanie, Windsor, and Annie — all incredible girls who I had the lucky opportunity to meet since our universities reside in the same city! I’m so excited that their site has seen such incredible success and taken off so much since they started it back in 2010. It truly is an incredible resource and writing opportunity for young college women!

Anyways, enough gushing, I just wanted to share the exciting news! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

xo, Rachel

PS – I really do swear that I’ll have a life update, plus all my favorite photos from post-Macbook death, up soon. Sorting photos & getting everything organized now that I’m back in the States has just been quite the process!

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